We recommend all orders should be made via our website. You can also use our phone order services. Please note that service charges may be applied for this method.

Your order will be pending until you make full payment. It is therefore important you make full payment to avoid delays in processing your order.

After the payment process is completed, we will send you an email receipt with all order and download information, so you can download. This is usually for very large files. For smaller files, you can instantly download the product from the download area in your Genuine Auto Solutions user account

Click the product you wish to view. Below the product page, the product description is displayed below the page.

You can only review a product when you have logged in and purchased the product before. Also, an automated request will be sent to you via email to review the products you bought. Click here to learn more.

You can only review a vendor when you are logged in and have purchased from the vendor before. Locate vendor store page, click on reviews, add your review. Click here to go to vendor store page

Simply click on the sharing medium you want loaded on the product page. To do this, view the particular product and then share. To share on whatsapp, copy the product link in your browser and share.

  • Make sure the product is what you need. If not sure contact us for advice.
  • Check if vendor is verified. Verified vendors give 100% assurances of credibility.
  • Check the prices.
  • Store policies.
  • Read more about the product

Yes, you can cancel your order within 15 minutes of placing the order.

GAS will deprive you of enjoying great benefits as customer if this happens to occur more than twice. You will not benefit from our coupon deals, rewards, sales or your account will be blacklisted. Hence you cannot buy from us anymore. So, before your order, please ensure you need what you order.

The system may not identify it. Hence it will assume regional or international or schedule shipping option for you. Go online and set it right. You will not see shipping to your area until you have provided the required address details. It is also important to watch the spelling of the location name. Click here to view list of locations.

You can provide us with any other information on your order. Example, call me before the day of delivery.  This helps us to handle your order well. Or details of a third party pick up.

The system identifies your browser and automatically signs you in when you use the same browser. In case you are using a different browser, please click on returning customer login at the top of the checkout page. The first you see is login and the system will recognize your details at checkout.

We charge handling fee so that we can keep providing you with quality service and also protect your transactions at all times.

No way. All charges are specified and currently we only charge handling, insurance and holding fee based on your selected payment option.

No, customers do not pay for network charges when they pay with mobile network payment option.

The system is automated to give you the cost of shipping after you enter your location name, region and street address/name. The cost of shipping varies from location to location.

Free shipping is automated when you spend GH2,000 cedi’s and above on products (Promotion periods only). Please note that selection is on the total cost of the product only. Cost of shipping is not considered by the system in the estimation.

No, it is not compulsory. Only select when you need it.

No, you can check out as a guest without creating an account.

Though it is not compulsory, it is very important to create an account. Having an account allows you to benefit from our rewards program, coupon deals, sales notification, constant update on your order, records of all your transactions and many more.

Your digital address is a very important information you to provide at checkout. Even though it is not a requirement, we advise you provide it.  It is not a requirement because it is new and not everyone is previewed in obtaining it. However by December, 2020 it will be a requirement at checkout since it makes checkout more simple.

Providing us with vehicle information helps us to ensure you are buying the right product for your vehicle. Remember that buying the right products for your vehicle enhances its performance and protects it from breakdown.

Wallet payment is a secure payment option by GAS that allows you to pay for goods and services on our platform without any hustle. It’s simple, convenient and reliable

Simply login your account and select wallet. Select the top up option and follow the process through. Make payment and as soon as we receive, your wallet will be credited.

  • Mobile network payment option
  • Pay cash on delivery
  • Pay cash on pickup
  • Pay with your wallet
  • Bank deposit/transfer

These are payments from your network service provider. You can pay directly from your account or through an agent.

Pay for your order when it’s delivered to your doorstep. Depending on the amount GAS may require part payment for some order amount via mobile payment option and the rest made on delivery. This is to reduce the risk of deliveryman attacks. Insurance fee applies with this payment option

Pay for your order when you pick up from our location. This service is free but charges may apply at certain pickup points. For third party pickup, please indicate that at the order note section with details of the pickup part or contact customer service.

Yes, customers are advised to read T&C carefully and check it before proceeding to place order.

For the best of delivery service that fits your benefits, we have:

  • Super-Saver (3-5) working days.
  • Express delivery- within six hours
  • Scheduled delivery

Prices vary depending on location.

Currently we deliver within the Greater Accra region. However external delivery options to other regions and West African countries can be arranged. We are doing our best to ensure total delivery coverage within Ghana and selected West African countries

Our system will update you constantly on the status of your order at all times. An hour or day before delivery, you would be notified of your order being assigned to a deliveryman. On the day of delivery, your order status will read ‘Out for delivery’. The deliveryman will contact you when heading to deliver your order.

We always advice that customers inspect their order to ensure GAS certification, look out for damages, meets the right description and it’s the right item being delivered. Reject the item and return to deliveryman. Take pictures of item to argue your point and instantly login and submit your concerns through the inquiry service.

In the case of non-inspected products, GAS has mandated its trusted vendors to do direct delivery.

However you would be notified of that. In case your item isn’t certified, please call us immediately

Reject it immediately if the mistake is from us; request and complete a damaged or wrong item form.  You can also use our support services via our account to report the issue. If you ordered the wrong item, inform us immediately so we can solve the problem.

Yes, you can. GAS sales team will contact you as your order is ready. For a third party pickup, please contact us with details of the person picking up or indicate it when placing the order.

Depending on your order, location of vendor and the size and weight of the product. We allow within 3 hours for pickup. Local pickups may take longer hours based on location of vendor

GAS subjects all products purchase on our platform through verification and testing. This is to ensure that you get the genuine or the actual product as described by vendor.

Yes, you do. GAS ensures a 21 days warranty on all items except on electrical products. Within this period, you can return the product for replacement or money back terms and conditions apply.

Unfortunately, you don’t get 100% money back when you purchase the wrong item. Our policy retains 30% of the item value as restocking fee. The item can be replaced and the difference paid if the same vendor has what you are looking for.

Depending on the vendor store policy, you may return electrical items in few cases. However, GAS return policies frowns on return of electrical parts. You can also reduce your risk of return by adding a mechanic from GAS to fix the problem. Based on the recommendations of our certified mechanics, return insurance cover may apply

90%of all orders undergo inspection and tagged to that effect according to our policies. In such cases, our trusted vendors are mandated to deliver directly to you. However, we will notify thou of such delivery.

Call us immediately to confirm.

No, you do that at your own risk. GAS will not accept responsibility of the outcome if you do so. Our protection policy does not apply in such circumstance


A vendor is simply a subscribed member of GAS multivendor platform permitted to own a store online to sell their goods and services in accordance with Gas policies.

Yes it is very important to sell online. Technology is here to stay with us and it is a one of the best tools that has made life simple and better. Selling online puts you in a great position to show and sell your products/services to potential customers who are not near or pass by your store location. Take advantage of online selling and rach out to the many people out there who could use your products and services.

Simply click on become vendor, from the home page, choose a membership that works for you and subscribe.

You need an ID, Digital address, valid email and phone number

You can sell right away after registration. However, it is a requirement for all vendors to get verified. You have 48 hours within which to verify your account if your account will be disabled. Note that verified accounts will boost customer confidence in your store. Your verification shows on your store page or logo

Business registration or tax invoice for your business and ID of owner of the shop. In case of an individual member without a shop, you can verify with your ID. It is required that, all vendors should provide their digital address code in their verification process or during subscription.

Do not worry when you are having troubles setting up your account. Contact us if you need help with that or you can watch any of our videos that shows you how to setup your account. Click here to watch.

Do not worry if you cannot manage your account. GAs account management service is available for you. It is free for the first month and a little fee applies afterwards

No way!! It is absolutely free to become a member. However, if you what to enjoy some great account features and GAS vendor services, you can upgrade to our Ultimate Membership.

Our policy does not allow vendors to deal directly with customers. This is to protect both parties

Benefits run across the membership types. For more benefits upgrade to Ultimate Membership. To learn more about the benefits please click here.

Vendors get paid weekly. All payments due vendors are consolidated and paid at the end of the week. You need to set your payment details to ensure you get paid promptly.

You are required as a member to provide us with your bank account details or mobile money account to make payment into.  You can also choose to pick up a cheque or cash from our office upon yourself.

Yes, you can withdraw your membership. Before this is possible, we ensure that no order fulfillments or customer open cases are pending, or vendor does not owe GAS

You will receive a notification via email and SMS of the order details and also our sales team will contact you immediately your store receives an order.

Check your notification and view the details of your order. Start processing your order immediately and make it ready for pick up or send it to our approved location for verification and handling within 45 minutes. If for any reason, you cannot get it done within the time allocated, please inform us immediately.

Order should be ready for pick up by GAS or you can deliver to our location within 45 minutes of receiving the order.

Call us immediately for pickups or deliver to us.

GAS issues order pickup receipts, make sure you sign and take a copy of the receipt whether product is picked up or you delivery to the accredited GAS location. This is proof of your order completion.

No, you do not pay, it is a free service by GAS

VERY VERY NECESSARY!!! Many successful companies or business around the world will attest to the fact that warranties, returns, exchange, refund and after sales services has been the backbone of their success story. The customer is the one who buys your product and services; the customer is looking for value for money and the assurance for his/her investment in your product or services. Please do not take these things likely, they can kill your business or exponentially make it bigger, better and very profitable depending on how you handle it.

Yes, it is mandatory that all vendors give a minimum of 14 days for used and 90 days for new products; return or exchange warranty or 100% money back guarantee  per our policy. You can also extend warranty if you wish. This establishes confidence of customers in your store products.

We charge (1.5-2.5)% admin fee on the total order amount per transaction. GAS ensures that you are served better in the most convenient and safest way possible. Unlike how you pay your workers, we are only asking for a small token to help maintain our operations and continue give you the best of service experience ever. We love you so show us love too.

YES! The growth of your business and increase in sales is dependent on your customers. It is therefore important to treat your customers the best way possible to avoid losing them to other vendors. You can achieve this through excellent customer relationship, after sales service, good deals, warranties and many more. You can signup for our business management program and further help your business grow to its fullest. Click here to register.

Damaged item during delivery by GAS will be the sole responsibility of GAS..

GAS takes full responsibility of that. However, vendor is required to test where possible the product in the presence of GAS staff or provide video evidence of tested part to GAS.

GAS tags all products after inspection before delivery to the customer. This is to prevent swapping, fidgeting, theft or any fraudulent attempts to return product when the above mentioned occurs. Vendors can also take pictures of products and tag or mark product as a backup protection.

No problem. Inform us immediately so we can put the notification in the system to inform customers who want to by from your store. However through our product backorder feature, customers can still place order(s) for your products and you can fulfill their order within your specified time. It is always smart to monitor your products at all times to ensure constant supply to your customer. Don’t allow other vendors to take your customers from you because you don’t have stock.